Haddock and Chips     12.00 

Home battered Haddock served with twice cooked skin-on homemade chips

and mushy peas       


Steak and Ale or Chicken & Ham or Vegam Mushroom Pie       10.50

Served with twice cooked skin-on homemade chips, Peas, and a pot of Gravy   


6oz Beef or Vegetarian Burger & Chips      10.00

served with twice cooked skin-on homemade chips, & salad garnish

Add Cheese or Bacon     .50

Hot Garlic Chicken or Feta Cheese Salad        10.50

served on a bed of Lettuce Leaf, Cucumber, Tomatos, Peppers,

Red Onions, Strawberries & Grapes drizzled with a Balsamic Dressing


Ploughmans Lunch        10.50

Cheese, Ham, Mini Pork Pie, Leaf, Vine Tomatos, Silverskin Onions,

Mini Gherkins, Ploughmans Relish & Crusty Bread and Butter


Chicken Tikka Masala     11.50

Homemade Chicken Tikka Masala served with Basmati Rice,

Poppadoms and Mango Chutney


Currywurst       10.50

Currywurst and skinny chips served as they do in Germany  

add a bottle of Warsteiner for a meal deal   13.00

Lasagne   8.00

Served with a salad garnish and crusty bread and butter


Retro Style - Basket Meals


Half a Chicken or Scampi in a Basket         8.50

served with twice cooked homemade chips

Light Bites  


Beans on Toast   4.00


Scrambled Egg on Toast   4.00


Sandwiches   5.50

 Ham, Cheese, Sausage, Bacon, Fish Finger, Veggie Sausage

All served on Brown or White bread, with salad garnish and crisps

Chips    2.50

add cheese   50p



 Childrens Menu


Chicken Goujons, or FishFingers, or Sausages      5.00

 served with twice cooked skin-on homemade chips  


Add Baked Beans or Peas     .50



Sticky Toffee or Chocolate Pudding    5.00

Eton Mess   5.00

Honeycombe Golden Nugget Cheesecake   5.00

All served with Cream, Custard or Ice Cream


         Meat supplied by The Meat Room Leamington Spa

Fish supplied by local fishmomger - Fresh Fish